About Copa Investimentos

Founded in 2012, Copa Investimentos is an independent Brazilian investment management firm exclusively focused on timberland and rural real estate investments.

We manage funds that are involved in the establishment, acquisition and management of plantation forests and rural real estate.

Our work is guided by high standards of governance, transparency and professionalism, in order to adequately serve institutional investors and family offices.

The founding partners of Copa Investimentos are working together since 2005, having contributed to the development of the Brazilian timberland investment market. In this period, we participated in the structuring of the first Brazilian timberland funds and of some of the main transactions and investments in the industry.

The firm is wholly owned by its executives and Copa Investimentos' partnership and remuneration frameworks are based on meritocracy and long-term alignment of interests.

We believe that key differentiating factors of Copa Investimentos include our concentrated focus, our disciplined underwriting process, our robust institutional framework and our meritocratic partnership model.